We offer a full suite of services for natural gas systems including

  • Gas system safety inspections
    Liberty Pipeline conducts inspections of master meter gas systems in Arizona to locate leaks and needed repairs and to keep your master meter system in compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Gas system repairs/replacements
    Liberty Pipeline can repair underground or above ground broken or leaking gas lines, gas meters, regulators and other natural gas equipment. We also install entire replacement systems when the system will not hold pressure or is not capable of running.
  • Pressure testing of gas systems
    Liberty Pipeline can conduct a pressure test of the gas system to help find leaks and get master meter gas systems turned back off after an outage.
  • Repair broken or leaking gas lines
    Liberty Pipeline can patch and repair underground and above ground broken or leaking gas lines
  • Checking and correcting cathodic protection readings
    As part of a safety inspection of a gas system, we take cathodic protection readings to help determine if underground pipe is in need of protection from corrosion. This is also a compliance requirement of a master meter gas system in the state of Arizona.
  • Installation of new natural gas systems
    Liberty Pipeline installs new gas systems for new contruction or to replace an existing gas system that is no longer capabale of functioning.
  • Replacement of existing natural gas systems
  • Above ground and underground system repair/installations
  • Review operating manual and emergency plans for master meter owners/operators
    We help you fulfill the regulatory requirement of understanding the operating manual and emergency plan for your gas system in order to keep you and your system safe.
  • Help ensure compliance with Arizona Corporation commission requirements
    For Master Meter Gas Systems, we conduct the annual safety inspections to help the operator fulfill its annual compliance reporting obligations.
  • 24/7 Emergency response available
    Liberty Pipeline responds to emergency leaks and repair requests for gas systems due to broken or leaking gas lines.

References are available upon request.

We use state of the art equipment to detect and repair leaks in your gas system. The technicians using the equipment are highly trained to detect leaks that cannot be found without sophisticated leak detection equipment such as Flame Packs, Combustible Gas Indicators, and odorometers.

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